Posted 10 minutes ago

Forgets charger at the office.
Stays at 17% for 9 hours straight.

Not even my old phone does this.

Posted 10 hours ago

This is the second time I saw some management use a meme for some public notices. :))

Posted 1 day ago

Fat kid doing a Butterfly Kick. #NoExcuses.

Taken from my old phone.

Posted 1 day ago

Intramuros kinda intends on trolling the feeble-minded…

1861? Or 1981? ;)

Posted 3 days ago

#WithMahBoyz @jolespresso and @isealways

Posted 4 days ago

I came too early. No pun intended. :v

Here at UP Diliman.

Posted 4 days ago


Instagram now accepts videos in .3gp format from gallery. Yey. <3

Posted 4 days ago

The Intramuros city walls. This I also miss. (y)

Posted 4 days ago

This I miss.

Posted 6 days ago

2nd time to ever do this.

Back to work.