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Haiiii all~

I’ve been busy this past week and this one too. Summer classes. Parkour. Katuwa langs. Wahah

In other news, I have not started looking for a job, as requested by my Mom and stepdad. I think it’s sort of pointless for now until the next 5 weeks or so because of summer classes. They are not, I repeat, they are NOT going to entertain people who are currently taking up summer classes. Like me. Wahah

Now, if I could only tell my Mom and stepdad AND let it sink in. Wahah XD

I’ll find time to blog about College Life tomorrow. For now, goodnight internetz. :))

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Kunwari, endorser ng #OLLO. Kunwari lang naman. Wahah </3


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College Life, part 3.3.

"Parkour USTe"

I thought I’d introduce to you the significant [group of] people in my collge life first, so that you all have a background on these people and what I would ay in the future.

That is, if anyone does read my posts of the same series. :))

Hahah, I’ll blog about the actual most recent phase of my college life next time. For now, let’s talk about my friends from this group.

So everyone I met (and will continue to meet) through this will fall under the idea that Iet them through PK. It’s short of parkour, so it’s easier for me to type and all. Wahah, anyway, balik sa topic. Being friends with the fellow traceurs (PK practitioners) is a supposedly secondary priority (the first was to learn and get fit/strong). Since day one last March 12, 2013, these people would teach me the things I wanted and needed to learn. Eventually, they became another (and special) family close to my heart. Yeah, we’re talking about hanging out after frequent jam sessions, eating meals together and sometimes going out on outings. Yes, and sometimes going out to drink somewhere. Hahah

As time passed by, we discretely and sadly got divided into smaller groups. We are still friends pa naman and one as a group, but you know how people have other similar interests besides PK. That’s what divided us. There is definitely nothing wrong with that. What makes it sad is that because in one or some of these groups, people tend to talk about others; what they are, their personalities and even pointing out things that they don’t like about them.

To sum up that previous paragraph, people with some similar interests have found good company with each other got together as another group apart from the main group.

And no, I do not mean to make it all sound negative. Like I said, we’re all still friends. The ones I personally am close with are the ones I appreciate and thank God for. That won’t stop me from getting eventually close with the others, but it’s a start. After all, one year with all of these is still a small period of time.

As friends, we’re all good. As practitioners of the art, some may fall short of discipline (including me sometimes hahah), dedication and motivation. But that’s what friends are for, yeah?

We all still have a long way to go as both friends and traceurs.

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Biruin mo yun, mapapagtripan ko ‘tong pinag gagawa kong kagaguhan sa barko last weekend. Wahah XD

My arms look flabby, tho. :/ :))

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Kanina, sa barko, pauwi ng Maynila via Batangas Pier. Kapagod. Wahah

#WithMahBoyz and a #Selfie

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College Life, part 3.2.


During the course of my college life, I thought I’d step my game up and lurk around the internet to kickstart my world expansion.

Now, there was this Facebook group called the “FEUST TamGers”. I joined this group out of curiosity sometime June or July 2011. Then, at an initiative of one of the active people back then, I joined a get-together in October 1, 2011. It was at a friend’s apartment, when he was still studying at FEU.

Most of us were mostly FEU students, with a Tamaraw-Thomasian ratio of 9:1. Yes, there was at most 5 of us from UST that hung out with the group, eventually going down to two of us. I was the more frequent between us. Hahah, we enjoyed most of the people’s companies and eventually despised a few for their behaviour. Sort of. This went on for about the remainder of the 2nd semester, since October 1 was still part of the 1st.

These were the times when we used to drink almost every other day. I remember we used to hang out at Lakay Billiards near Lerma St. in Morayta and the three famous bars in Recto Ave./Blvd./St. (Hahah, I dunno which one.) called Yes!, S5 and Jaca.

We met more people from that Facebook group (from online to active) as time went by, until the middle parts of 2012. We all eventually got busy, but still went out together from time to time. Reasons include birthdays, going-out-for-the-sake-of-friendship, missing each other, you know how those things work. :))

Those who are still in the circle of friends and have still kept in touch from back then until the present are the ones that found comfort in each other’s company. There were some who seemed to have hidden unusual intentions in joining the group, annoying or douchey personalities and/or behaviour. But there are still some who still keep in touch in Facebook because of busy schedules, and almost all that other drama that most of us have experienced back in high school. Hahah

This was a start of “broadening my horizons”, “widening my connections” and all those other similar words. :))

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Something I have to let out. Before it consumes me.

I never blogged about this. In fact, I never wanted to blog about it, but I just have to let it out. More than once.

Since I told my parents and relatives, I’ll tell you all anyway: I’m not graduating yet.

I’m still bitter over all of this. Over my own fault. Punyeta, mga kabarkada ko, tapos na. They have nothing to stress over anymore, except the real world and its demands. I’m the only one left among all of us. Fuck it.

It started out the moment I found out that I’d repeat PRACT 2 next semester (July 2014), I was devastated. Apparently, this professor of mine is very strict with deadlines. Thus, I missed it, even by almost an hour. I reasoned out every legit reason I could bring up, but to no avail. Her decision was final.

Imagine, such a simple thing would break my family’s hearts, not to mention my grandmother and aunt, who have broken their backs (figure of speech) for my education funds ever since grade school.

I don’t mind screwing up if it were solely my own support and all, but it’s not my effort and own money that got blown away (well, definitely not all). It’s my grandmother’s and aunt’s. These are two of the people in my life that I owe dearly, who were not even obliged to enroll me in school to start with.

I screwed up. I feel like shit. The reason why is simply because I failed them. Their disappointment and heartbreaks are the reasons why my heart broke, too. I failed my family, one thing I treasure the most in life. Like I said, I don’t mind screwing up if it doesn’t affect anyone else. Pero hindi eh. What makes me feel worse is that it’s all my fault, so I say again.

Yes, I admit that I got too clouded by the term “graduating”, that I cut too much slack. I highly acknowledge this fault.

I feel awkward towards my friends who just graduated this year. I’ll have a hard time putting a smile on my face when I personally congratulate them. This will definitely become a thing of the past, but I can’t imagine thanking this particular event of my life anytime I still live.

I don’t get it. Is there anything else I missed in college? Is there something else in store for me? Or have I put my next chapter on hold due to my stupidity? More importantly, am I really ready to move on from college and into the real world? Maybe. Or I don’t think so. Not yet.

All I know is, I still feel like shit, and I need to get all that together and prove myself that I can pull through.

There’s a lesson to this, and it has a pretty hard consequence. Take it from a fool who’s about to learn hard from his mistake: comply with deadlines, and simply be responsible for your actions.

You now know what happened to me for commiting such small mistakes. Do YOU want to suffer the same fate as I did?

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College Life, part 3.1.

"Friends, college"

My friends eventually became people to rely on. Yup, on pretty much everything related to school and outside of it.

We’ve done quite a lot of things together. One is that we put up a band for a (very) short while. Wala pang isang sem, we stopped it din. Wahah, school demands, other interests, blah blah. We still played once in a while. No, I don’t wanna say what name we called it. :))

With them, I learned how to play DotA. Somewhere between September and October 2008. Trashtalking didn’t really become part of me though. Mayado pa akong mabait nun. Ewan ko lang ngayon. XD

Of course, you can’t not have drinking sessions with your friends. I myself have gone through those days where you drink almost every other day. Hmm, I think I’ll blog about that next time. Hahah, not that I mean to boast or anything, but I’m one of the very very few that outlasts everyone else in all sessions. :3

If there’s something we have barely done together, it’s going on outings. One time was 2011 in Mindoro (great place, by the way), and another soon. I’ll blog about that too, if I’m able to go.

And that’s only with my main college friends (haven’t thought of a name to call ourselves yet). I have more adventures with other people that I will blog very soon. Mehe.

Collectively speaking, I have had countless adventures, unusual experiences (mostly second hand wahah XD), drinking sessions with all my friends to this day. Like I mentioned before (I think?), it was in my college life that my world grew waaay bigger than before.

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College Life, part 2.


2nd day, June 18. Apparently, 2 classmates have birthdays on that day. One of them invited a couple of people from our section (me being one of them), had lunch at SM san Lazaro and hung out together. This was when I would meet most of my friends throughout college. All boys (yet again), but hey, I’m happy. Wahah

So the next day, during General Psychology class (because IT and computer course. Hahah, kidding, it’s a general subject kasi, and it’s part of our curriculum.), our prof asked one of our friends who his new friends were so far. I was pointed out.

And I sort of shouted out: “What’s up, bro?!”

The class was silent. Wahah XD

The next day, everyone started calling me Bro. Wahah, who would’ve thought that I’d nickname myself Bro with just three words? It doesn’t sound bad, it’s just that I got a bit iffy about it throughout our first year in college. I didn’t expect this at all. Hahah

In time, I would come to accept this new nickname of mine. It’s actually more legit than Jett. Hahah, speaking of Jett, I actually wanted this to be my nickname in college and in general. I also felt iffy with this one, though. So instead, Jett would continue to be my in-game name (IGN) in most games and a part of almost all of my internet accounts to this day.

The nickname Bro actually became ok with me, especially during the mid and later years in my whole college life. :))

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College Life, part 1.

"First day."

Those were the times when we went to school from Tuesday to Saturday. I had no idea why I took the morning schedule, but I didn’t regret it anyhow. Hahah, after all, that choice would lead me to my college friends of (almost going) 6 years.

Since all this was totally new, I tried various routes going to UST from my place in P____. Regardless of the route, I should be at schopl by 7am. Blah. Blah. Blah. :))

Sooo, on to the first day itself. June 17, 2008. Tuesday. That was our very first day in college. So when I first entered the classroom, it was expectedly quiet. You know, meeting your blockmates for the very first time, not close with each other yet and all.

This day turned out to be alright.