Posted 8 hours ago

Yeah sure, cooking oil. ;)

Actually it is. :))

Posted 2 days ago

This was after @sdaniels009’s shooting in Intramuros with Sports Unlimited with @dyancastillejo.

We totally didn’t see this coming. Talk about “Thunder”. :))

Sorry guys, you all got the creepy eyes because of the camera. @mikopedernal and @pcortez02 prolly got a better shot with his tho~

Posted 4 days ago

Ramen with the Bros., and the #WalangForever sign that resembles a broken infinity. :))

Posted 6 days ago

Last na itu, I do not promise~

With our boy Clair~

Posted 6 days ago

#WithMahBoyz RJ, Jake and @mikopedernal at a friend’s lunch dining function.

Thanks for inviting us, Clair~ (y)

Posted 6 days ago

#UltraGay moment with RJ and Jake. :))

Posted 1 week ago

Belates happy 25th to you, @aeolius11!!~

#WithMahBoyz Jem, @jolespresso, PeeJay and Jerome. (y)

Posted 1 week ago


Emmer. Effin. Glorious. :))

Now where are they?! :v

Posted 1 week ago

Thanks Ivan Fernando for this #StoryOfMyLife moment. Hahah

Posted 1 week ago

#TreeCulture, because nature. That’s why. :))

#WithMahBoyz @isealways, @jolespresso, @aeolius11 and @bishieyoung. (y)